Awaken Your True Potential
Nedra Blietz


Realize your TRUE POTENTIAL.


Release self-diminishing behavior and replace with EMPOWERING BELIEFS and SELF-CONFIDENCE.


ALIGN your subconscious beliefs with your GOALS and DESIRES.


Uncover your PASSION and LIFE PURPOSE.



Dare to become who you were meant to be.

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You sense there is MORE TO LIFE but FEEL STUCK in your current path.


Your HEALTH and QUALITY OF LIFE is important to you.



Awaken Your True Potential Three life changing ThetaHealing® seminars

Seminars can be taken in-person or online.
In-person classes are presented at Om Yoga Studio, Onalaska WI.

Basic DNA

During this seminar, learn how to work with Source Energy and create profound changes in your life. Thoughts and emotions affect every aspect of your life encompassing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Whether you are interested in learning ThetaHealing for personal use or desire to become a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, this seminar is life changing!

The heart of this seminar is learning the techniques that allow you to change undesirable life patterns. You will learn to identify limiting beliefs for yourself as well as to practice releasing them for others in the seminar. This practice can quickly reveal limiting belief systems and replace them with positive, empowering ones that align with your goals and desires.

  • Learn why we create things in our life and what we learn from it
  • Access divine guidance
  • Develop your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Learn to Manifest (create what you want) in your life
  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Learn to clear energy in people and spaces
  • Understand the energy body, including chakras and aura
  • Change limiting genetic beliefs/programs held in your DNA
  • Allow unconditional love into every aspect of your life

Not only will you learn the fundamental techniques of this healing modality, but you will also receive a great deal of healing. During this seminar, you will identify and release limiting belief patterns for yourself to start creating the life you desire.

In-person this is a three-day seminar.
Online this is a four-day seminar.

Advanced DNA

The Advanced ThetaHealing® Seminar expands on the information learned in the Basic DNA Seminar and encompasses an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us.

Open yourself to a prosperous future by releasing old resentments, vows, and commitments that are holding you back. Learn more powerful healing techniques including “Baby in the Womb,” “Heal the Broken Soul,” and “Heal the Broken Heart.”

A multitude of positive “Feeling” downloads from the Seventh Plane are included in this seminar that will bring about awareness, understanding, and comprehension of feelings and knowledge that you may have never experienced before. This can bring about profound healing and enlightenment which will assist you in moving forward. Some examples of these feelings are what if feels like and how to appreciate the now and what self-acceptance feels like.

As students of ThetaHealing, you will continue learning and mastering belief work and enhance your knowledge of the “feeling” work. Learn to differentiate between the different planes of existence (and the knowledge in each plane) through various exercises, building on the information learned in the basic practitioner class.

Topics include:

  • Clearing old resentment, regret, and rejection
  • Resolving oaths, vows, and obligations
  • Clearing free-floating memories
  • Ancestor readings
  • Working on non-organic material
  • Talking to the Higher Self
  • Learning to work with plants and animals
  • In-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence
  • Continuing to learn and master belief work
  • Heart Song
  • Learning to bend time

In-person this is a three-day seminar.
Online this is a four-day seminar.

Dig Deeper

Belief work is the cornerstone of ThetaHealing® because it gets to the origin of our issues. The incredible technique called “digging” is an interactive approach which comfortably allows the elusive and deep subconscious thoughts and beliefs to be discovered. These hidden programs can block us from our true potential. The ThetaHealing technique then uses unconditional love along with belief and feeling work to clear these barriers.

This seminar is designed to train you to be proficient at this essential technique, so you are confident at digging to find “key core beliefs.” Through the digging work, the true heart and origin of the problem is discovered so that it can be changed to provide lasting true healing.

The techniques learned in this seminar will empower students and clients to understand their own behaviors and help them make belief changes that will enable them to emerge balanced and clear after their sessions.

Upon the completion of the Dig Deeper Seminar, you will have proficient knowledge and experience to keep doing belief work on yourself and others. You will learn and practice how to use the techniques to uncover and release hidden beliefs, including crucial bottom beliefs which interfere with health, happiness, and fully living out your true potential.

In-person this is a two-day seminar.
Online this is a three-day seminar.

Exclusive Awaken Bonus

  • Exclusive membership to the AWAKEN COMMUNITY, a private online community of like-minded souls who are on a journey of HEALING, GROWTH and TRANSFORMATION. Gain SUPPORT and FRIENDSHIPS with others who are also on their Awaken journey.
  • Monthly LIVE online TRAINING and POWERFUL ENERGY CLEARING sessions.
  • Access to special GUIDED HEALING MEDITATIONS created specifically for Awaken members.

Invest in your future and live your best life!

Seminars must be taken in this order: Basic, Advanced, then Dig Deeper.
Investment: $1,497

Basic DNA

April 23–25 CST

Advanced DNA

May 14–16  CDT

Dig Deeper

June 12–13 CDT

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