Under the Crystals

Crystal Viewing of the Soul

Expanding our light body and increasing our vibrations and frequency is vital to our well being.   We are more than 3rd dimensional beings.  Expand awareness beyond the physical realm and illuminate knowledge at the soul level.

Benefits of Crystal Remote Viewing:

  • Discover past life relationships with loved ones.
  • View, collect and bring back knowledge and gifts we possessed in other ties and places.
  • Breaking old patterns of fear and understanding where they originated.
  • Communicate with Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels for guidance and inspiration.
  • Communicate with ancestors or loved ones who have transitioned to the spirit world.
  • Clarity on your current soul path and Mission.
  • Downloading your unique gifts, talents and knowledge.
  • Glancing at your future in this incarnation or the next.

The possibilities are endless with Crystal Remote Viewing.  Your soul will direct and guide you in many creative directions during the remote viewing.

To schedule a session, please contact Nedra at 563.422.7085 or nedrablietz@mail.com