About Nedra

After having spent fifteen years in office and hotel management, Nedra decided to veer her life in a new direction. She wanted a healthier existence. A life that made her, above all things, happy. Leaving the hospitality world behind, she and her husband, Josh, opened their first Anytime Fitness franchise. Over the next few years they would expand, opening three more gyms in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Nedra’s passion for fitness blossomed to clean eating and Yoga.  When their youngest child headed off to college, she devoted her time to becoming a trained yoga instructor and began teaching classes. Soon, she began to study meditation, and then chakras, crystals and healing energy. The more courses she took, the more she realized how to use these tools to change her world and herself.

But it was in ThetaHealing® that Nedra found her calling.

Of all the healing modalities that Nedra has studied, she believes that nothing matches the power of ThetaHealing®. She is living proof. By using ThetaHealing®, she was able to heal her Plantar Warts (after almost 8 years of unsuccessful treatment)., restore the hearing in her husband’s left ear which had been deaf since he was a child, and conquered her fear of heights.  The teachings of ThetaHealing taught her that she no longer needs to “control” all things, and helped her eliminate anger and negativity from her life.

Now, after years of study and training, she’s become a teacher. A guide into a world that so bettered her own. Her passion lies in passing on tools and techniques that people can use to lead healthier, happier lives.

 If you are dreaming of bettering yourself, becoming healthier, and more in-tune with what truly brings you joy, but don’t know how to get there on your own, call Nedra for a private session.  She looks forward to going on your journey together.

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For more information, please contact Nedra ∙ 563.422.7085 ∙ nedrablietz@mail.com

Disclaimer:  Any opinions and/or services provided by Nedra Blietz are not intended to be considered medical advice, and at no time are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Complimentary healing is not considered a substitute for medical attention when needed.

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